Everything you need to know about tool design for the injection molding of plastics will be discussed here. We help you to understand all steps of a successful mold design and build.

Mold Design Specification

Standard For Using Interchangeable Molds

Common items between are projects are the need to meet Geometry requirements, Tolerance requirements and also Financial necessities.  When it comes to the Automotive industry, the key to the plastic injection molder is the accuracy of the mold because tolerances of the part are very tight. This means the accuracy of the mold is very important.

CAE Analysis

Using FEM  software, e.g.,Mold Flow can reduce the risk of a future problem in the manufacturing of plastic parts.

CAE analysis can provide the flow of plastics, required injection pressure,  gate location, warpage, and stress marks.  Therefore, even an engineer without experience can assess the tool structure before the manufacturing of the tool begins.

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Standard For Using Interchangeable Molds