Mold Design Specification

The design of the mold will be divided into 2 stages:

1) Preliminary Drawings

The preliminary design is to be submitted within 1 week after receipt of purchase order. The purpose of this design is to determine the general layout and working of the tool to a degree that will allow steel to be purchased.
This stage should include :

  • Runner system
  • Basic position of water lines
  • Clamp slots
  • Gate locations
  • Gate size
  • Support/Pillar locations
  • Overall size of the mold
  • and any conditions special to the mold.

Project engineer approval is necessary for this stage.

2) Final Design

Drawings are to be fully detailed as follows:

  • Details of final gate designs, runner style, layout and style of sprue puller must be shown.
  • Complete CAD files of the tools to be submitted. ( 2D and 3D)
  • Cores, cavities, inserts or any other part of the mold which are not standard are to be fully detailed.
  • Assembly view should be stated the approximate weight of both mold halves.
  • A material list is required.
  • Detailed drawings are required for all inserts, slides, lifters, etc., with steel hardness specified.

To summarize, in the mold design process some general requirements have to be considered:

– Tool Design
– Materials
– Mold Bases
– Mold Makers Responsibilities
– Mold Venting Requirements
– Mold Cooling Requirements
– Core Pulls/ Lifters
– Electrical Systems
– Hydraulic Systems
– Finish Requirements
– Mold Identifications
– Mold Try-Out
– Warranty
– Tool Design Checklist
– Tool Sign-off

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