Standard For Using Interchangeable Molds

The society of plastics industries has published standards in regard to mounting molds in the injection molding machine. The obvious advantage of these standards is that they easily allow molds to be designed to run on more than one brand of machine. These standards are listed here for descriptive purposes.

1- Platen Bolting Pattern

These standards specify the location and size of tapped holes in the stationary and moving platen for the attachment of the mold. They cover 3 sizes of machines:

  • Up to 750-ton clamping capacity
  • Overy 750-to 1600-ton clamping capacity
  • Over 1600- to 4100-ton clamping capacity

2- Knockout Pin Locations

Knockout pins are used to push the molded part of the mold during the portion of the machine cycle called ejection. Since the location of these pins is critical to the mold design, the society of plastics industries has written a standard for locating the knockout pins. The location and size of the knockout pin holes are classified according to machine sizes identical to those used for mold mounting holes standards.

3- Machine Nozzle and Die Locating Ring

The die locating ring is used to align the mold to the machine platen. This alignment is needed for the knockout pins and for the injection unit to line up with the mold. The machine nozzle provides the mating necessary between the injection unit and the mold.




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