Injection System Specifications

Injection Capacity (Theoretical): the maximum calculated the swept volume (or trapped volume in a plunger unit) is cubic inches that can be displaced by a single stroke of the injection plunger or screw, assuming no leakage and excluding the use of a rotating screw to displace additional volume.

Thermoset Injection Capacity: Injection capacity can be measured in cubic inches of swept volume, but as there is non-return valve on the thermoset screws, this figure cannot be used to convert to true shot weight because some material flows back over the screw during injection. The amount of backflow is dependent on variables in both the machine and molding material.

Plasticizing Capacity: the maximum quantity of a specified plastic material that can be raised to a uniform and moldable temperature in a unit of time (Pound/hr).

Recovery Rate: the volume or weight of a specified moldable material discharged from the screw per unit of time, when operating at 50% of injection capacity as determined by SPI test procedure ( cubic inches/sec).

Injection Pressure (PSI): the maximum theoretical pressure of the injection plunger or screw against the material expressed in psi.

Maximum Injection Rate: the maximum calculated rate of displacement of the injection plunger or screw, expressed in cubic inches per second.

Minimum Injection Rate: the minimum calculated rate of displacement of the injection plunger or screw, expressed in cubic inches per second.