Land (Gate Area): Gate dimension parallel to the direction of melt flow.

Land Area: The area of surfaces of a mold which contact each other when the mold is closed.

Light, UV Stabilizers & Absorbers: These additives increase the ability of the material to withstand the negative effects of light and UV exposure, thus increasing the service life of the material.

Linear Mold Shrinkage: The difference between the size of the part and the size of the mold cavity. Values given are often the average of a range.

Linear Thermal Expansion: The fractional change in length of a material for a unit change in temperature.

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM): The process that involves an integrated system for proportioning, mixing, and dispensing two-component liquid resin formulations and directly injecting the resultant mix into a mold which is clamped under pressure.

Low-Temperature Flexibility: The ability of a plastic to be bent without fracture at reduced temperatures.

Lubricant: Internal lubricants, without affecting the fusion properties of a compound, promotes resin flow. External lubricants promote release from metals which aids in the smooth flow of melt over die surfaces.

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